Experience Pozalagua

Pozalagua Cave and Balmaseda

INCLUDES Guide and Private transport

Type of experience: Nature, culture and gastronomy
Duration: Half day or Full day

We start our day in the Carranza Valley, one of the oldest, most beautiful and secret places in Bizkaia. We will explore by foot this ancient natural landscape which has remained untouched, creating a natural mosaic of peaks, woods and grass for us to discover.

After around 2 hours, we will continue our journey by diving into the depths of Armañon Natural Park, a mountain massive with amazing landforms such as warrens, sinkholes and cervices. Furthermore, there is a fascinating subterranean landscape with more than 200 caves of geological, paleontological and biological value. The most famous cave, the Pozalagua Cave, we will visit as it one of the most exceptional and unique caves in the world, awarded for the Best Spot 2013 by the Repsol Guide. Its stalactites, instead of growing downwards, mysteriously defy gravity and form eccentric shapes in all directions.

Having enjoyed the beauty of the interior and exterior parts of the park, we will take a rest and taste one of the gastronomical specialities of the region, the “alubiada”.

To finish up, we will visit Balmaseda, the first village of Bizkaia. We will walk through the emblematic old town and over its famous Old Bridge which crosses the Cadagua river.

Half day tour              2pax 350€ / 4pax 495€
Full day tour               2pax 540€ / 4pax 575€
Includes tickets

9.00-14h approx. or 9.30-18h
Departure from Bilbao 
(ask us for other points)
Private transport
Low difficulty
1h approx. walking
Not accessible for wheelchairs
Water and snacks
Comfortable clothes and shoes
Wet weather gear if raining
Warm clothing for the cave


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