Saint Thomas Festival

Pastel Vasco

The best agricultural fair Saint Thomas festival is celebrated in many Basque towns, but by far the biggest celebration is in the city of Bilbao. This holiday has a strong rural character and its origin dates back to the nineteenth century. At that time, the landowners had tenants on their …

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Gernika fair

queso Idiazabal

The largest agricultural fair in the Basque Country To learn more about the history of the Basque Country, you have to go to visit The last monday of Gernika. And what better day to go there than the last Monday of October. This is the holiday par excellence of the …

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Red wine from La Rioja

bodega Rioja

Rioja wine in the Basque Country One of the most distinguishing and important symbolic elements of the history of La Rioja Alavesa is undoubtedly their red wine. Not only does it drive their economy, but it is a social and cultural landmark in a region where an important part of …

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The wonders of San Sebastian


La concha bay 1845 marked a turning point in the history of San Sebastian. Queen Elizabeth II, due to the recommendation of her doctors about bathing in the sea for her complexion, began to spend the summer in San Sebastian, so the city became fashionable. Thereafter, the presence of the …

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The best Pintxos areas in Bilbao

pintxos tasting tour

Discover the best streets with basque tapas The city of Bilbao has a wide gastronomic tradition and certainly one of the most famous and popular specialties are the pintxos. The tradition of “pintxo pote” consists of going from bar to bar enjoying one or more pintxos in each, always accompanying …

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Bay of Biscay coastal pearls


Basque fishing villages Elantxobe is a coastal town in the province of Bizkaia, which is sheltered by Cape Ogoño, and is protected by several cliffs. The smell of salt leads the traveler to the port, where the fishing activity is concentrated. In 1783, several docks were built to cope with …

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